Autocares Simarro

Our company

Our company

We are a well-known Valencian company dedicated to the Discretionary Transportation of Passengers. A family company in which we guarantee our clients a personalized, direct, fast and efficient service, without forgetting the professionalism and quality in the service provided by the many years of experience in the sector.

Our desire is to get closer to our clients, for them to know us well and to see that we are basically available to both our regular clients, who continue to trust us, and to future new clients, whom we are convinced we can turn into regulars.

Currently, we have a modern fleet of coaches, driven by a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and constant training. All of this is managed firsthand, with direct, fast and efficient service. Without forgetting the professionalism and modernization in the management and operation of the company.

In our company, we ensure strict compliance with all the requirements demanded by national and international regulations regarding passenger transportation.

Autocares Simarro has a team of professional drivers with extensive experience, great responsibility and constant training.